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The Book Publishing Industry
Assessment 1: Industry Opportunity
Name: Joyce Yi
Student no: n9102434

The publishing industry is incredibly resilient and is undergoing some incredible changes. This report will analyse the industry with respect to the 4C’s of
Entertainment Marketing and identify the key opportunities that are currently evident within the publishing industry and thus devise two potential ideas for future development and implementations. Research has found that indie publishers and authors are taking up a huge portion of the market and therefore more beneficial for these professionals to create digital content and distribute it independently. As publishers are not educated in IT and
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Despite the growth that was evident, there was clear apprehension towards proclaiming the green shoots. Doom and gloom aside, book publishing is an incredibly resilient industry; undergoing a profound process of change (Jones, 2011). While most of the headlines are saturated with the transition from print to digital, the transformation proves to be more complex. 1.1 Fifty shades of Indie Authors (Content & Convergence)
The sticky issue of copyright is swinging more and more content creators towards self-publishing. Many contracts are now enforcing “reversion of rights” if the eBook sales are lower than anticipated and once signing a publishing deal, and authors must give up control of their work for up to three decades (Greenfield, 2013).
Therefore there’s no surprise that in the last three years, self-publishers and indie authors have dominated the digital marketplace due to their luxury to market and price their own content (McIlroy, 2015). Today, publishers are struggling to

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