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Acme Home Improvement de Mexico, SA de CV Project Plan Team Four: Folasade Bamidele Alibaloye John C Caputo Garner Frederick Hixson Hector G Rosado AMBA 604, Section 9093 Professor Stewart February 6, 2004 Acme Project Plan Table of Contents Section I. II. III. Executive Summary Introduction Project Organization Organization Chart Project Responsibilities Staffing Plans IV. Management Process Management Objectives Priorities Monitoring/Controlling Mechanisms V. Technical Process Plan Computing System Project Plan Modification Process Computer Usage Policies Construction Guideline Support Project Acceptance Process Lessons Learned Documentation VI. Work Packages, Dependencies, Schedules & Budgets Work Packages Dependencies…show more content…
'Soft ' issues, cultural human resource issues will be as much of a driver of cost and schedule as the 'hard ' issues like planning and execution. It is critical to the success of this project, and perhaps the organization 's international growth strategy, that this project be completed on time, and on budget. The organization anticipates possible schedule delays and cost overruns due to cultural assumptions and misunderstandings. Knowing that schedule delays will affect costs and international expansion strategy, we pay particular attention to the project 's critical path (see Appendix A, and the accompanying MS Project file 's network diagram view). To deal with these risks, the team has built several feeding time-buffers into the work breakdown schedule, at constraints along the critical path (Goldratt, 1998). A large project buffer has also been added to protect the end of the project. Attention to the safety buffers along the critical path will contribute to the team 's successful execution of the project. This plan presents an overview of the project organization, including the team 's organization chart, project responsibilities, and staffing plans. Next, the plan addresses the organization 's management process related to this project. Management 's objectives, priorities, Acme Project Plan and monitoring and control mechanisms are covered in this section. The project 's technical process plan is covered next, reviewing such things

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