Essay on Amba 640 Individual Assignment 2 Revise

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Operations Management

Individual Assignment 2

LaShaunda Person

his paper was prepared for AMBA 640, Section 1142, taught by Professor Mittal

Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to analyze various techniques and applying knowledge gained to improve Acme Mexico City’s operations. The three operations management techniques to be analyzed are: Data-driven decision making, linear programming, and sustainable supply chain management. This report finds that data-driven decision making involves the collection, combining and crunching of data received from multiple sources throughout the organization. The technique can contribute to the improvement of Acme’s decision making process as a whole. Acme gathers
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Improper analyzed or interpreted data can lead the decision maker to the wrong conclusions or make decisions that are based on bias rather than facts; garbage in, garbage out.
What are the costs involved? What training is needed to use the technique? What else is needed?
The costs associated with data-driven decision-making can fluctuate from a small minimum to a huge maximum; it depends on the value of information in the data. Operations management should work closely with their executives to identify:

What learning strengths and weaknesses are evident in the data?
Which groups or subgroups of workers are having difficulty learning?
What professional development is needed to improve employee’s learning?
What materials and equipment are needed to support changes in operational processes?
At Acme What is the Problem, Opportunity, or Challenge to be Addressed?
Considering that this is the first international expansion the Acme is undertaking, the likelihood of problems, opportunity, and challenges are possible. Several factors exists that may increase the chance for Acme to incur issues. The data-driven decision making process helps to frame the problems that may affect completing the project within the prescribed time, the allocated budget, and the scope. Acme gathers data from their customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors;

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