Ambedkar : As A Chief Architect Of The Indian Constitution Essay

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Dr. B.R.Ambedkar: As a chief architect of the Indian Constitution Dr. Rakhi Sinha, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, M.S.U., Baroda (e-mail: A reformer is one who wants a non violent revolution for a change in society, same was our Babasaheb. Not only for India he fought for the world, he fought for humanity. Numerous authors, Indians as well as foreigner have described his contribution to the economic development and emancipation of Indian masses in different ways. One such author said – “Dr .B.R Ambedkar was a intellectual, a educationist, a thinker and advocate of humanism” Babasahed is one of those who had built India in her initial days. They fought to free India and then tried to build India of their dreams. To remember this great man, Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated all across the country especially by the one who follow him. Today India needs greater leaders like him to compete and stay ahead at global level. The constitution that he gave us is the single most greatest task in Indian history. It stands as a written document of the aspirations and thoughts of the freedom movement. We tend to undermine his efforts in this regard! The example of a small country like Nepal- They started the process of framing a constitution in 2008 and could get the consent of the people only by 2015. Catering to the needs, thoughts, beliefs , rights of a country as huge as ours is a herculean task. Dr.Ambedkar was a great constitutional expert

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