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Dr. Ambedkar: A Social Reformer
Through the Magnifier of Antonio Gramsci

Lecturer in English,
Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, Dhamangaon (Rly) Distt: Amravati (M.S.)

A Champion of Human Rights, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was a multi dimensional personality. He was a great thinker, a philosopher, a true revolutionist, a prolific writer and at the top a devoted reformer. If studied and analyzed his noble saga to fight against Castes’ and untouchability through the magnifier of Antonio Gramsci, a German philosopher of 1940’s, he could be hailed as an ‘organic intellectual.’ His undeniable reforms in annihilating Caste, his views regarding women empowerment, his Dalit movement are
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Herein, I contend, that Dr. Ambedkar performed a job of an ‘organic intellectual, for his community.
Antonio Gramsci, a German philosopher is less explored till present. First wave of interest in Gramsci was screwed up after the publication of his prison writings in the form of letters in 1947. His extensive observation on the role of intellectuals in society and their function, his post Marxist theory, Coercion and counter revolution opened up new vistas for re-reading texts of ethnic, post-colonial studies. His theory rekindled interest in academic intellectuals, Subaltern studies and social hierarchy. More or less Gramsci has become a ‘classic’ to be read, interpreted, analyzed and applied. According to Gramsci, ‘organic intellectuals’ function to fashion the intellectual, moral and political leadership by engaging organizational activity. They fuse moral and intellectual dimensions. Every social group creates with itself, organically one or more strata of intellectuals. Gramsci noted, “All men are intellectuals….but not all men in society have the function of intellectuals.”1 Therefore an intellectual is defined by the qualities of their activities, but being an intellectual is more than just being involved in ‘brain work.’ They lead the masses. They educate them and try to awaken them and prepare them for the counter revolution against Hegemony. For Gramsci intellectuals were the instrument for the organization of human life. These

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