Ambedkar and Women Empowerment

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Ambedkar’s efforts for Women empowerment and Social justice


Anil kumar chaudhary

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Ambedkar’s efforts for Women empowerment and Social justice

Abstracts Women of today have become very powerful they have equal opportunities as men have in all the fields like education, marriage, job, property etc. Women are now free to do everything according to their will. It is during the time of Ambedkar that the status of women in India has started rising and she has started acquiring various rights not allowed to them prior. Previously women were treated as objects owned by men. Manu said “A woman must be her father’s shadow in childhood, her husband’s in her
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Dress yourselves as touchable ladies. Never mind, if your dress if full of patches, but see that it is clean. None can restrict your freedom in the choice of your garments. Attend more to the cultivation of the mind and spirit of self-Help." Then with a little fall in voice he said, "But do not feed in any case your spouse and sons if they are drunkards. Send your children to schools. Education is as necessary for Females as it is for males. If you know how to read and write, there would be much progress. As you are, so your

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(2) Dr. Ambedkar On Women Liberation,By Ratnesh Katulkar,31 August, 2008,

Children will be." (3)

Further Dr. Ambedkar said to Women "Learn to be clean. Keep from vices. Give education to your children. Instill ambition into them. Inculcate in their minds that they are destined to be great. Remove from them all inferiority complexes." On marriage he remarked, "Do not be in hurry to marry. Marriage is liability .You should not impose it upon your children unless they are financially able to meet the liabilities arising from marriage. Those who will marry will have to keep in mind that to have too many children is a crime. The paternal duty lies in giving

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