Amber Inn & Suites, Inc.

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Amber Inn & Suites, Inc.

Case Recap

Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. is a 250 property hotel chain with locations in 10 western and Rocky Mountain States. As a special assistant to the corporation the goal is to prepare a comprehensive analysis with the possibility of establishing a solid base for future growth. (Kerin and Peterson, 2010). This case study will provide a summary and analysis of Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. options and an examination into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Problem Modification

Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. problems to be addressed are how to emphasize on the corporate travelers and vacationing family stays. The American Hotel and Lodging Association have reported one half of all
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We can improve our performance as a leader in hotel management for all locations and we will meet guest’s expectations.

Evaluation of Alternatives

As a Special Assistant for Amber Inn & Suites, Inc., recommendations would include widen the target market to include more amenities for business travelers and the leisure/family vacations. There is no reason to trade off the leisure/family vacation business vs. business travelers. You can look at ways of establishing sections in the hotel to accommodate both. Such as north, south, east, and west wings to separate the families from the business guests. A business guest may not want a room full of children above, under, next door, or across the hall from them. The noise level is a problem for a business traveler preparing for meetings. This causes complaints. Simple solutions separate them at check-in. Identify who your guests are and what their needs are going to be while visiting your location. Advertising this consideration will be a big plus for any business traveler or singles who do not want to listen to a crying baby.

Displaying emphasis on what a guests needs are will separate you and establish the brand. Brand awareness is a major emphasis in the upcoming year. A meeting needs to be arranged with the CEO, Joseph James, and all other executives to present a plan of action. If

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