Ambiguity In The Criminal Justice System

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In a perfect world, there would be no such word as “crime”. Unfortunately, a perfect world is not one that exists, and may never exist. Crime can be generalized as any illegal activity that infringes upon another beings personal rights and/or property. However, there is immeasurable ambiguity in which the types of crime that occur are measured, as there are countless types of different crime. When policy makers are gathering statistics on the crime that occurs in order to create policy to systematically solve them, they often cannot be as efficient as they would like. The Government Accountability Office addressed the collection of crime data and statistics in their report upon “Actions Needed to Improve Clarity and Address Differences Across Federal Data Collection Efforts”, regarding sexual violence data …show more content…

Within this report, the GAO described the failures that have occurred within the criminal justice system and their inefficient collection of data, along with the classification ambiguity, which ultimately hinders

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