Ambition : The Power Of Ambition

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Ambition, the desire to achieve greatness and fulfill our passions, has long been one of humanity’s most powerful and helpful traits. Ambition propels us to conquer, create, and build the incredible things that influence and improve billions of people 's’ lives around the globe today. The fruit of the power of ambition is clearly evident nearly everywhere we turn in present society, as exciting innovations, spellbinding humanitarian action, and glorious successes are now able to be beheld and admired by billions of people with vast reach of social media. However, with this ever-increasing multitude of inspiring progress and triumphs, the globe has also been forced to bear witness to an unprecedented showcase of ambition’s more destructive and malicious side, as bombings, scandals, and political corruption bleakly headline many of the news stories and articles that we see today. Despite the incredible amount of disturbing events that grip currently grip us, the manipulative dark side of ambition has haunted the human race throughout the entire duration of our species’s history. Because of this, the power of ambition has been immortalized by countless authors in some of the most globally renowned literary works of all time. At the forefront of this, we can find the famous tragedy Macbeth, written by revered playwright William Shakespeare and set in Scotland during the Medieval Era. Being a tragedy, the play’s main character Macbeth is blessed with countless virtues, such as

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