Ambrose Bierce’s Experience During the Civil War and Its Influence on His Writing

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In becoming a printers devil for a Northern Indianapolis Abolitionist Newspaper gave background for the interest in writing and the agreement in the Abolistionist view point.
Heeding to the call to arms to help defend the North.,Bierce joined the Army
The next four years were spent traveling the states fighting in some of the most well known battles of the Civil War . Ambrose Bierce’s experience during the Civil War where he faced the dangers of nature and man influenced his writing.
After being struck in the head by a bullet during a battle, the recouperating time gave Bierce time to write calling on his actual war time memories and experiences to fuel the ideas for these tales.
Thes e stories were actually an outlet for the
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As stated by critic Cathy Davidson, “he invented many literary techniques:the close

examination of time ;an attention to mental fictions in order to avoid real life:the

blending of fantasy and reality “.

Another example of this literary technique, is in the short story “Chicamuga”where the

six year old character of the story ,has a vivid imagination about war and how it is fought .
He sneaks away from his parents plantation armed with a toy wooden sword ready to

engage in battle. In his imaginary battle he comes across wounded men . They were

wounded and killed in a battle, nearby his home. The boy considers these men as just part

of his imaginary play , running around and showing his wooden sword victoriously ,until

he stumbles upon more dead in the nearby creek . He is still daydreaming about the battle

he fought and won when he is intrigued by the glow of fire in the forest . Still not

realizing that it was familiar surroundings he marches on thinking about the

battle he just won, until he starts to recognize that the burning glow is his own home!

When realization sets in , the boy s head starts to spin,He is desperately trying to get a

grasp of the situation around him .He sees an intriguing glow in the forest, he focuses on

that , and heads towards it. He sees flames and the buildings they consume,Then the

reality .hit him, the reason these

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