Ambulance Service Nsw Bullying

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Ambulance Service of NSW


Report 2b

11th November 2011

Prepared by

Jane Fuller
Table of Contents

Executive Summary iii
1. Introduction 1
1.1. Purpose of Report 1
1.2. Background 1
1.3. Human Resource Department 1
1.4. Report Methodology 2
1.5. Report Assumptions and Limitations 2
1.6. Report Plan 2
2. Discussion 3
2.1. External Environment 3
2.2. Internal Environment 3
2.3. Detection of Problems 4
2.4. Verification / Rejection of Problems 4
2.5. HR plan 6
2.6. HR plan success criteria 7
2.7. HR implementation of the plan 7
2.8. HR evaluation of the outcomes 8
3 Conclusion 9
4 Recommendations 10
5 References 11

Executive Summary

This report used the CHRM process to
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6 Report Methodology

This report reviewed the NSW Government Health department web site, the ASNSW web site, the government enquiries and responses to those enquiries, newspaper reports and peer reviewed journal articles.

7 Report Assumptions/Limitations

The ASNSW has a compressive web site, and information is publically available on the Human Resource policies and strategies.

8 Report Plan

Firstly, the internal and external environment and how it relates to their HRM strategy. Secondly, the current problems encountered within the organisation. Thirdly, review of literature to verify or falsify the alleged problems. Fourthly, make recommendations to address and correct the identified problems. Fifthly, a review of the current practices and recommendations, and lastly a list of recommendations the ASNSW HR department could implement to improve it position.


10 External Environment

Population growth of NSW has increased from 6.67m people in 2003 to 7.23m people in 2010 (ABS, 2011). Over 65’s population has also increased from 882,500 people in 2003 to 1,020,000 in 2010 (ABS, 2011). Population growth of Sydney has grown to 5 million from 3.7 million 10 years ago (Daily Telegraph, 2011). Growth in population has reportedly resulted in the employees of ASNSW being

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