Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) were developed in the health sector for providing instant surgical care, treatment and prevention of diseases. ASCs have improved the outpatient health care services in United States as compared to hospital based inpatient care programs (Becker & American Health Lawyers Association, 2006). The program has gained a good reputation due to high quality services and positive results experienced by patients. ASCs are subject to transparency and accountability and are expected to comply with the state standards of providing health care. The number of ASCs in U.S has increased with the current working ASCs estimated to be over 5,000. They work is over sighted by Medicare and…show more content…
This can be achieved by creating awareness of the existence of ASC and services offered both locally and within the region. The success of any organization is boosted by the number of clients using their services. Similarly ASC requires to alert the public of their location and services offered for effective results to be achieved in a competitive marketing environment. Adhering to marketing strategies both locally and within the region increases the patient volume. Use of different marketing techniques is a valuable strategy of increasing patient volume while working to fully satisfy the patients. This involves targeting new patients including low income earners, middle class and individuals with a high social status in the community ("Increase referrals intelligently and boost access to specialist advice," 2013). ASC growth and expansion is contributed by the clients as they increase the profit margin. Targeting only the high income earners reduces the number of clients visiting the outpatient program since low income earners are barred by the cost. Targeting also includes creating different divisions within ASC that have the capacity to treat a variety of illnesses. Conclusion Ambulatory Surgery Centers are becoming more popular not only in United States but in the entire world. Provision of health care services outside the hospital is an aspect which is reducing
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