Ambulatory Surgery Research Paper

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From a quantitative point of view cardiac arrests after an ambulatory surgery unit are a rare emergency, but why is this problem important? This problem is important because about 234 million person wordwide have major noncardiac surgeries every year (3),and even if a really small percentage of these people have cardiac arrest during or post-surgery, it is still a lot of people that can be saved by implementing appropriate measurements in order to prevent and respond to cardiac arrest. According to the article “Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest in Adults Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors, and Survival,(3)” post-operative cardiac arrest occurs at a rate of approximately 7 per 10000 noncardiac surgeries (2). From a qualitative…show more content…
My unit will receive patients undergoing ambulatory surgeries. Cardiac, open chest, trauma and neuro are excluded from this scenario, because at this moment I do not possess the skill, knowledge and abilities to manage a full spectrum medical surgical unit. So in my unit, my patients will be recovering from ambulatory surgery and my unit will be an Ambulatory Surgery Center. These types of units are also known as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers. Since my patients will have commonly less complicated surgeries, mainly orthopedic surgery, they will need less hospitalization, and this will result in less cost to the party responsible for paying for the patient…show more content…
I plan to have 4 patients per Registered Nurse, one Unlicensed Assistive Personnel, one secretary, two Licensed Vocational Nurses, two Registered Nurses, and me as Charge Nurse/Manager.
Review of literature.
1. The first article I found was “Cardiac Arrest in Ambulatory Surgery: The Management Perspective.” In this article the author Joan A. Ubele explains who a small medical surgical unit have to be designed to tackle the problem of cardiac arrests after ambulatory surgery. In my plan I will include her recommendations.
2. The second article I found was “Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest in Adults Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors and Survival Outcome.” This article was very useful to me because it allowed me see the problem from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.
3. The third article I found talks about the prediction of Perioperative Cardiac Complications and Mortality using the Revised Cardiac Risk Index (RCRI). The RCRI discriminated well between patients at low versus high risk for cardiac events after mixed non cardiac surgery, but did not do well at predicting deathly outcomes derived from cardiac arrest. I need something that helps to predict deathly outcomes, because I stated at the beginning of the paper my problem in reality is not the incidence of cardiac arrests, the main problem is the mortality. Therefore, I need to find something better, and fortunately I found it in
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