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AMD copy inexactly
AMD’s presence in Dresden has been a great success for the company as well as the free state of Saxony, Germany and the European Union. AMD’s Dresden fab is now the only production site for microprocessors. AMD’s investment in the region has created more than 7000 direct and indirect jobs in Saxony and the surrounding regions. In order to turn the Albany region into a new high tech valley, New York has invested heavily in it. With the generous subsidies offered from the state of New York, AMD is motivated to build a new fab in the area. However, replicating Dresden’s success is a challenging task for AMD.
Taking a look at the people, processes, platforms and programs, there is no doubt that Dresden’s success is no
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This illustrates that Albany has the needed support of industries in competitive areas, which is a great start for it to become a nanotechnology cluster. As for the Dresden team’s role, it should pass on their experiences along with the refined methods of process operations to the new fab. Like AMD Dresden’s beginning, Albany should send its managers and engineers to Dresden for training in order to copy its successful formula. However, processes can be copied exactly but culture can’t. AMD Dresden’s success is not only the processes of its operations, but it includes the people and the culture of Germany. Many industries in Germany are well known for the attention to detail, innovation, and precision engineering. This is not something that can be easily copied. Therefore, AMD’s strategy for Dresden and Albany is to divide them into different areas. The key to success understands the real strength of Dresden, and that is their ability of innovation. Dresden should become the innovation and research focus center while Albany takes control of manufacturing and development.
Another important aspect for AMD Albany to be successful is the investment in human capital. It requires efforts from both the state of New York and AMD. For instance, invest in technology education in local universities which could raise potential high tech
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