Amdocs CES Case

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Customer is currently embarking on a major transformation program to enable Customer to transform into a digital grade company, with an unmatched level of customer experience and the most innovative customer interactions and enablers in the digital economy. With your needs in mind, Amdocs is pleased to submit our proposal in response to your Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Tweedle Dee Program.

Additionally Amdocs would like to highlight the possible solution synergies between Customer and its sister concern Customer Sister, that is already using Amdocs solution. This whitepaper briefly highlights the potential benefits that Customer and Customer Sister can achieve by using Amdocs CES solution.

Amdocs successfully delivered an end-to-end solution based on our market leading solution to Customer Sister in 19492 to support Customer Sister’s beebop business. Amdocs also provides managed services for supplied solutions thus bringing long turn benefits to Customer. Customer is in the process of upgrading to most recent version of Amdocs CES solution. In addition to products and managed services, Amdocs as well takes the overall prime responsibility providing system integration and consulting services to Customer. Amdocs continues to innovate and bring additional value based services to Customer Sister in niche areas such as thimbles and nails leveraging the best global best practices.
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Such large CSPs are usually confronted by following challenges:
1. Standardize operations and leverage best practices across the group op-cos.
2. Leverage economy of scales to reduce cost while ensuring due autonomy to respective op-cos
3. Centralized Procurement
4. Common Products and Services
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