Amelia Earhart: A Beacon of Hope for Women Aviators Around the World

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July 24, 1897, a belligerent war against the norm of society is interrupted by the birth of one Amelia Earhart. From the time of her birth in Atchison, Kansas, to her disappearance in the Pacific Ocean at the age of 39, Amelia Earhart was venerated as a beacon of hope for women aviators around the world. She is recognized as the first woman aviator to set multiple records and some acclaim that Amelia Earhart is “perhaps the most effective activist of her time.” Acting upon a simple yearn for flight, Amelia Earhart managed to alter the public view on women as workers as a whole, and provided a hero during the ubiquitous devastation caused by the Great Depression.
Early Life
Amelia Mary Earhart was the first of two children to be born to
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With little knowledge of what she wanted to do with her life Amelia volunteered as a nurse at Spodina Military Convalescent Hospital in Toronto. Two years later, with experience in medicine, Amelia enrolled at Columbia to study for a pre-medical degree. After her first year at Columbia Amelia decided that she no longer had the desire to become a doctor and went to New York to join her reunited parents. Amelia’s father Edwin later takes her to an air field in Los Angeles. It is here that Amelia takes her first plane ride. Edwin paid Frank Hawks ten dollars to take Amelia into the air for a total of ten minutes. It was this plane ride that allowed Amelia to see what she really wanted to do with her life: fly. On January 5th, 1921 Amelia went to Kinner Field, near Los Angeles, for her first lesson about flying; taught by Neta Snook. It was in the same year as her first lesson that Amelia decided to buy her first plane. Using all of her available funds and borrowing from her parents, Amelia was able to buy the Kinner Airster, named the Canary. After a streak of good luck things began to go downhill for Amelia. With her parents divorcing again Amelia was forced to sell her plane and settled in the Boston area. In Boston she originally wanted to study engineering, but school was too expensive. Instead of going to school Amelia began teaching new immigrants and worked part

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