Amelia Earhart : A Short Story Essay

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A little seven-year-old version of myself sat, pigtails swaying, hand wriggling in the air, eager to share my recent revelation. Reading lesson had just begun in the ancient, Catholic schoolhouse, and the story of the day was one that has impacted my life in a profound way. Just as my arm was about to give out, Mrs. Scott called on me, and I practically shouted, “The lady in this story has the same last name as me!” A beaming picture of Amelia Earhart smiled up at me from the pages of my textbook, and seeing her name on that page made my young heart skip a beat. Mrs. Scott suggested that, perhaps, Amelia and I are related, and then proceeded with the lesson. I decided at that moment that my last name was my most magnificent characteristic, because it linked me to a celebrity. At that same moment, I made a subconscious vow to live up to my last name. I could not and would not let Amelia down. I dashed as fast as my little legs could carry me up to my mom after school that day and excitedly questioned, “Do you know who Amelia Earhart is? Did you know that we’re related to her? Are we related to her?” Mom was far less excited than me, and lackadaisically answered that she would assume we are related somehow. The truth is, I would not have cared if she had told me I was not related to Amelia Earhart, because having the same last name as her was satisfactory enough. We later found out that we are truly related, though distantly. I did not need the confirmation that I was a

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