Amelia Earhart Personality

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Yes, she may have been the 16th woman to be issued her pilot’s license, but she did more than anyone could have thought with that license. Being the first female pilot the fly across the Atlantic Ocean says a lot(Amelia). This shows that Amelia Earhart had the strength and courage than most other women at the time. She proved to a lot of people that women are as strong and as powerful as anyone else and that they are able to conquer anything. Even though she was moved around a lot as a child due to an alcoholic father, this did not discourage her(Amelia). Her disappearance is not only saddening, but also very confusing and mysterious. Even though we don’t know what happened to her or where she is at now or if she is even alive, we do know that she was a strong and amazing woman that did great things for women in history. Amelia Earhart’s parents, Amelia Mary Earhart and Samuel Stanton Earhart, gave birth to her on July 24, 1897(Who). She did have somewhat of a rough childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and would abuse her and her family. This led to her mother taking her and her sister to her grandmother's house quite often. She grew a liking to the outdoors while spending time at her grandmother’s because they would play outside, climb trees, and even hunt for rats(Amelia). Her mother and a governess homeschooled her for most of her early childhood. She loved learning about new things and grew very fond of reading over time, she would even spend hours reading in the
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