Amelia Earhart's Journey To Success

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Amelia Earhart remains one of the world's most admired aviators; even after her mysterious disappearance in 1937. She has set a image of the power and perseverance by breaking barriers for the American women in the 1930’s . Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Growing up Amelia’s father Edwin Earhart was a successful lawyer, but do to the fact he could never break the bond of alcohol he lost his job. On his constant search to re-establish his career for his family, his drinking problem would get out hand. For that reason Amelia’s mother “Amy” sent her and her sister Muriel off to their Grandparents in Atchison, Kansas. Where they would seek out adventure by exploring the neighborhood, climbing trees, hunting small…show more content…
The following year Amelia’s parents insisted she move to California, where she went to an Air Show with a couple of friends and took a plane ride that change her life. After she got off the plane that’s when she decided that she needed to learn how to fly. She took up flying lessons; taking random jobs to pay for the lessons and just in six months Amelia managed to come up with enough money to buy her first plane “The Canary”.On October 22, 1922, she flew her plane 14,000 feet in the air- breaking the world altitude record for female pilots and also being issued a pilot's license by The Federation of Aeronautiques. Moving back east, because of the loss of her mother's inheritance; she was employed as a social worker in Denison House, in Boston, Massachusetts and had to sell her plane. Later, being chosen by her future husband, the publisher, George Putnam to be the first female passenger on a atlantic flight, in 1928. From then on-Earhart's life revolved around flying; she started out by being in competitions; being placed third at the Cleveland Women’s Air Derby, later nicknamed the “Powder Puff Derby” by will
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