Amelia Lee Miller Dance Moms

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In the United States, Americans are facing this ongoing battle of finding a job for personal fulfillment versus disutility. Ideally, workers try to get a job for personal fulfillment because it satisfies workers needs for achievements. In other words, workers live to work. They enjoy what they do. However, that is not always the case, many times workers find themselves working a disutility job. In simpler terms, they do a job because they have to provide for themselves and their family. According to NY Daily News “A newly released Gallup report shows that 70% of Americans polled either hate their job or are "disengaged" from their work, and even perks don't work if they're unhappy with management”. That is more than half of Americans who spend over 40 hours of their life a week unhappy. Not to mention, they can bring that unhappy attitude home. Even though many workers try and find a job for personal fulfillment sometimes, we are stuck with a job we are not satisfied with. Abby Lee Miller, known for her over the top screaming and creative ideas on hit TV show Dance Moms is a definition of someone who works for personal fulfillment. Growing up with her mother owning several dance studios Abby, grew up in the dance world. However, she realizes none of it was worth anything. As she said in the video “ If you…show more content…
Miller follows John Budd method of theorizing work of personal fulfillment. Budd describes personal fulfillment as satisfying human needs for achievements, mastery, self-esteem and self-worth. If you ever watch the show Dance Moms you can see that Ms. Miller is all of the above. She is very passionate about her job and does more than is expected for a dance instructor. Raising kids, bringing them around the world without their parents, spending long hours throughout the week creating choreography, entering into dance competition and improving student’s technique. Abby eats, sleeps and breathes her
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