Amelie: Interesting Premise and Beautiful Cinematography Essay

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For our second assignment, we are assigned to watch one international film and study it thereafter. We are to identify its genre and its particular conventions such as themes, sub-themes and etc. However, the main idea of this assignment is the film theory. We are to apply one of the nine film theories into our film choices and analyze it thoroughly in terms of mise-en scene, narrative structure, character interaction and any other criteria.
For our film selection, we have gone through and watched a few international films which included Chinese films, Bollywood films and a few French films. After a brief discussion we have unanimously chosen a French film entitled “Amelie” which was released in 2001 and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and
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Amélie is mainly centered on the lead/title character Amélie Poulain. She is an imaginative girl who had a very lonely childhood which explains her isolation from society once she grew up. Her father Raphael Poulain who is a former doctor of the army, mistakenly believed that she was suffering from a heart condition when she was a child and due to this, she was deemed unfit for school and thus was home-schooled by her mother. Amelie’s mother, Amandine Poulain is a school headmistress. Unfortunately, when Amelie was young, her mother died in a bizarre accident with her daughter by her side. This causes Raphael to be permanently depressed and he kept to himself most of the time. Due to this, Amelie didn’t receive much attention from her father growing up. When she grows up, she becomes a waitress in a small café run by a former circus performer. After helping a man rediscover his childhood Amelie decides to spend her life helping others. After a few encounters and helping several eccentric characters, Amélie becomes attracted to a man she meets named “Nino” who has an unusually hobby of collecting discarded photos. However, due to her solitary ways, she is unable to approach him. In the end, Amelie schemes an elaborate romantic gesture for Nino and they begin their relationship at the end of the movie.
Genre Conventions
This particular film is a rendition of multiple of genres with the most obvious being Romance, Fantasy and Comedy.

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