Amelie Movie Analysis

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The movie Amelie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is a french romantic comedy that circles around the main character, Amelie. She is the only child of a distant father and deceased mother. At the age of six, her father, who is a doctor, diagnosed Amelie with a heart condition, but it was really just her heart race increasing when he touched her. She was not used to physical contact with their detached relationship. This made him think she was too fragile for school, so she became comfortable living in solitude, developing a wonderful imagination. When she grew of age, she moved out and got a job at café Montmartre. One day in her apartment, she discovers a little box in the wall in her bathroom. She then spends time attempting to find the owner of the box, deciding to dedicate her life to kindness. She finds him and is inspired by inspiring him. She then promotes the idea of traveling the world to her fading father through anonymous pictures of his cherished garden gnome around the world. She also finds a photo album, eventually falling in love with the owner of it. She also achieves other small acts of kindness, like getting rid of her coworkers creepy ex-boyfriend for some time, helping her neighbors sadness, and spending time with the “glass man.” The movie Temple Grandin, directed by Mick Jackson, is a biographical movie about a strong, curious, and independent autistic woman. Similar to Amelie, Temple had a lack of parental support. She experienced a lack of bonding
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