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The culture and history of France have been highly influential among filmmakers and have affected the construction of a variety of films. One such film is, Jean Pierre Jeunet’s highly successful film Amelie (2001). The French believe that the success of a film isn’t measured by the money it makes, but by the number of people who watch it. They believe that everything cultural must be protected from the domination of the markets, a concept known as L’exception Culturelle (The French Cultural Exception) (Wikipedia, 2011). Amelie, is the picture perfect example of this concept, as it perfectly exhibits the epitome of French culture; portraying France as ‘The City of Love’, full of wonder, where dreams come true. Amelie is a beautiful film…show more content…
This has been the basis for many French filmmakers, as this is the type of France audience finds most pleasurable to watch. Jeunet has presented to his viewers a stereotypical view of France. Jeunet chose to set Amelie in Montmarte because it deisplays stereotypical qualities of a French wonderland, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Included in the shots are many stone buildings, clean streets, and beautiful colours, all of which have been cautiously selected, adding to the director’s aspiration of creating a French wonderland. “We worked on everything: moving cars, removing signals, graffiti's...” (Jeunet, JP, 2001). It can be seen that the narrative, characters and underlying message of Amelie are all incredibly positive, and Jeunet has clearly found inspiration from Paris being the city of love, as well as memories from his own life. “I had in mind a box full of tiny happy events and stories. I wanted to use them to make audience feel happy.” (Jeunet, JP, 2001) The textual features used in the film make it evident that the construction of the film has been influenced by French culture. A variety of different techniques have been used by Jeunet to give the film a feeling of fairytale and fantasy, emphasising innocence. Jeunet has used extremely saturated colours to give the film a fantasy and dreamlike feeling, the colours used to emphasise this are red and

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