Amelie Reflection

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The critically acclaimed French film Amelie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, was placed in the idyllic world of Paris, France to set a story in motion about a young, eccentric girl trying to discover herself mentally in a metaphysical world that she persistently struggles to occupy. The region of Montmartre in Paris, France is a quintessential factor into the working plot of the film Amelie during Amelie’s exploration of the city and helping other citizens through her anonymous acts of kindness which convey to her a sense of personal fulfillment. Set in the time frame of one singular month (August 30, 1997—September 28, 1997) in a quaint neighborhood in Paris, Amelie ventures through Montmartre in order to assist the good of heart by returning a man’s forgotten toy box, acquainting herself with her mysterious hermit neighbor, and recovering a lost photo album to the boy of her dreams. These dynamic events all act as working advancements in Amelie’s determined path towards obtaining her lifelong satisfaction, or at least her own version of a “happily ever after.” It all begins when Amelie is watching television from her bathroom (which is connected to her bedroom) and hears the shocking news of Princess Diana’s death from an automobile accident. Amelie is so stunned that she accidentally drops the lid to her perfume bottle onto the floor, which then rolls across the ground and bumps into a wall tile that happens to crack and loosen it. Curiously, Amelie then removes the tile from the wall to reveal a dusty antique tin box that contains children’s toys that appear to have been placed there several years ago. Amelie is deeply moved by her discovery and becomes determined to identify the person that had once owned this childhood memento. She asks many of the people who live in her apartment complex if they had known the boy who had previously lived in her flat in the 1950s. One woman tells her to ask Mr.Collignon, the local grocer who has lived in Montmartre for his entire adult life. The grocer then directs Amelie to go see his mother, and Mr.Collignon’s parents inform her that the man’s name was Dominique Bretodeau. She flips through a local phonebook to find every Dominique Bretodeau that lives in Paris, and
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