Amendment 70 Essay

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Amendment 70: Minimum Wage increase in Colorado The goal of Amendment 70, is to raise the minimum wage to $12.00 per hour by the year of 2020.
It will start off with a quick jump of $0.99 , and increase every single year by $0.90 until it hits $12.00 in year 2020. The negative effect that the minimum wage increase will impact Colorado more than we know. Minimum wage will bring back the unemployment percentage within our great state. It is estimated that in 2022 that 90,000 jobs will be lost due to the increase of the minimum wage. These doesn’t only hurt those who are trying to live, amendment 70 will cause teenage employment to go down 10,500 jobs. How is this supposed to help with cost of living if they lose their jobs. They won’t be able to live without a job, if the minimum wage stays down some might lose their job, but many will still have one. Teenagers and College kids are the main recipients of
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With the increase of mandatory employee pay, the prices will go up in everyday items that are needed for survival. This is due to companies having to pay their workers more money. In order to keep the same amount of profit, these companies will have to increase the price of their products and services. The low income families will have to spend more money for goods. Amendment 70’s will increase money into pockets of Coloradans, but it will be spent the same way. The money they have left over may not be enough to even help pay for things except for extra groceries or gas. The families will not also be affected by the jump in wages, but so will restaurants. These restaurants will either lay off employees, which would leave them shorthanded in addition to people losing jobs. Or it means that the price of food will go up at that certain restuarant. Small town businesses will face difficult times since they will have to be shorthanded just to stay
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