Americ A Great Success For The Europeans

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Settling America was a great success for the Europeans, but not Native Americans. The New World gave many a chance to move up in the social order and seek religious freedom. The poor were given an opportunity to trade their labor for passage over as indentured servants and even some women gained the right to conduct business and own property. Unfortunately Europe 's gain harmed the Native Americans greatly. Their population was decimated and they were pushed from their homes to make room for new settlers. Though many benefitted, many were also harmed. Unlike most of history, colonization helped many women gain more rights and respect. In order to have an equal gender ratio, England sent “tobacco wives” (women sent to marry men in the colonies), giving them a chance to gain social rank and economic stability they would not have had back home. As a result of the high death rate in colonies like Jamestown, women were able to take a larger role in business after their husbands died. Many women inherited most, if not all, of their husband’s property. Margaret Brent took over her husband’s entire estate after his death and managed her own plantation, conducted business, and was even a lawyer (Foner, 63). The poor were also able to move up by settling in America. Many wealthy plantation owners brought over indentured servants in order to get more land through the Headright system. So, many of the impoverished people in England would trade their freedom for a ticket and work,…

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