Americ A Nation That Welcomes And Is Occupied By Many Immigrants

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Leonard Harris History 1302 Professor McGregor Class-Friday 9 a.m 11 November 1 Developing America As most may agree, America is a nation that welcomes and is occupied by many immigrants. Since Americas developmental stages, immigrants have tackled sorts of obstacles to become American citizens/reside in the Americas. Many seek voyage to the America in order to gain freedom from governmental rule of their country, while others may simply seek to acquire their idea of the American. While some immigrants may not accomplish goals set when leaving their country, others accomplish their goals and become wealthy and successful US citizens. When writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and his team may have had immigration in mind. The founders of the Declaration added, Congress should “establish a uniform rule of naturalization,” (Article 1, Section 8) and make immigrants eligible for federal offices except president and vice president. The founding fathers believed continued immigration was important to the growth of the nation. To facilitate growth of the nations population, foreign slave trading was allowed for twenty years. After twenty twenty years of legal foreign slave trading, congress deemed foreign slave trading illegal. Immigration continues to be a ongoing topic of debate. In fact, policies and attitudes towards immigration are continuously changing. Other leaders, such as John Adams and his administration we against immigration. In

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