Americ Are We Really Free?

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America: Are we really free? Every day, nearly one-third of U.S. children ages four to nineteen eat from a fast food restaurant this adds on about six extra pounds per child every year and increases their risk of obesity (Fast Food). In my research I learned a lot about the health risks that come with eating fast food. Fast food causes childhood obesity rates in America to increase because of its convenience, ingredients, and lack of telling people what is in the food. The convenience of fast food plays a major role in how often people eat it. When driving down a main road chances are you will see a countless number of fast food restaurants and drive thrus. I know that it saves time and money for people who are coming home from work but people should plan out their meals nights before. One generation ago three quarters of the money that is used to buy food was spent on fresh food to cook at home. Now almost half of that same money is used to purchase fast food (Introduction). Fast food is also cheap which adds to the reasons why people enjoy it. The parents will allow the children to order what they want because chances are it only will cost them a couple of dollars. Childhood obesity rates go up as the prices of fast food goes down (Introduction). In 1970 over six billion dollars were spent on fast food. In 2014 one hundred ninety-five dollars were spent (Kelly). The fast food industry is aware of the power it has over American citizens and it is going to use that power

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