Americ Culture Overload : How Does One Define American Culture? Essay

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Kelly Aragones
Dr. Leslie Burnett
ENG 101
Essay 1
17 September 2014

America: Culture Overload

How does one define American culture? Is it the freedom and equality? The mixed religions and races? Is it a compilation of all cultures of the world? All of these qualities do define American culture. Although the nation’s forefathers established the cultural roots of the United States of America, its culture has changed over time. American culture is something unique and highly dynamic. The American culture developed as a result of immigrant settlers from all points of the world bringing in their own culture to this nation. The diversity, both culturally and ethnically, comprise the nation, but at what point does all this diversity become a problem? America’s cultural identity of freedom, equality, and diversity could soon be modified to the extreme by a massive influx of new immigrants who could become the majority of the nation. America, known for its cultural diversity, is on the verge of losing its cultural identity due to lack of restrictions with regards to immigration, the nation’s accommodating mentality towards immigrants and their culture, and racial stereotype inclination among people in the country. Lack of restrictions in the immigration system create problems for the nation’s cultural identity and will eventually lead to minorities becoming the majority, thereby reshaping American culture. Ishmael Reed shares, “I heard it announced on the radio that

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