Americ Land Of The Free, And Home

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America: land of the free, and home of the brave. People have often traveled long and far to live in a safe, and esteemed environment, when in reality the core values of America change as time goes by. Even though Americans often value individualism, patriotism, nationalism, and individual liberty, history has proven otherwise. Wars, social norms, rights restrictions, expectations and peer pressure have gotten in the way of the values that many believed highlighted America. The saying, ‘history repeats itself’ has haunted the future of America greatly. As the years go by, individual freedom is minimized, and citizens are slowly conned into the conformist society that many live in today. The definition of success in itself has changed for the worse; changing from knowledge and efficiency to materialism and wealth. Even though many have become prominent victims of conformity and have been deprived of their individual rights in the past, the American value of patriotism, individual liberty and individualism should stand strong in the hearts of Americans now and in the near future. Americans in the past have developed a strong attachment to promoting their love for their country. In this decade, national pride has increased dramatically. From billboards to bumper stickers outlining America 's greatness, to national anthems being sung at each and every game. Citizens value their love and devotion to the extent of it being perceived as wrong. Patriotism, as defined in the

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