Americ Red, White, And Green

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America: Red, White, and Green. Weed, grass, and bud are all names for one of the most misunderstood plants in the world: marijuana. Through the use of government slandering propaganda and stereotyping, many people have tunnel vision when it comes to the controversial issue. Many view marijuana as a harmful drug, not realizing all of the economic, resourceful, and medical uses that can generate from it. These are the same people who want to keep marijuana illegal and out of the public 's hands. Only in the past twenty years has marijuana made progress with the United States Government by legalizing medical and recreational marijuana in select states. Within this short time frame, several states have seen unmistakable results with the increase in state revenue, decrease in crime rates, and overall better living for its citizens. The states that have legalized marijuana are proving to be valuable examples to the other more conservative states that are being hesitant when it comes down to legalization; “this summer, the Marijuana Policy Project, one of NORML 's [National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] allies, announced an ambitious goal: legalize marijuana in ten additional states, including California, by 2017” (Thomson-Deveaux). Due to medical and economical findings, public opinion on marijuana has drastically altered from general disapproval to acceptance; which can not only be useful for the citizen, but prove invaluable to the patient. For thousands of

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