Americ The Great Wagon Road

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People came to America to get away from Britain rule, so when Britain governed most of the thirty – two colonies, thirteen colonies decided to rebel against the crown during 1775. America was growing fairly big with 2.5 million people and ninety percent lived as rural farmers. In addition, America became a big melting pot of different races. For example, Germans were six percent of the population, and they mostly lived in Pennsylvania. Scots – Irish were seven percent of the population, and they settled along the “Great Wagon Road.” Then, five percent of the multicolored population consisted of French Huguenots, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss, and Scots – Highlanders. America was the land of opportunity, and anyone who was willing to work could go from rags to riches. Class differences emerged as a small group of aristocrats had all the power, and the black slaves were the lowest on the social ladder. It was best to be a clergyman or a physician. However, physicians were not that well trained and not highly esteemed. The first medical school opened in 1765. Unfortunately, this didn’t prepare them for the plague, small pox. Also, if you were a lawyer, you were assumed to be nosey scumbags. Finally, in 1750, lawyers were recognized as useful, and they defended many high profile cases and played important parts in American history. However, being a farmer was a great thing because it was a stable job. Soon trade became very popular in New England. They created a

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