Americ The Land Of Opportunity And Prosperity For All Essay

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Although America is stereotyped to be the land of opportunity and prosperity for all, there are flaws in the system that impedes all races, genders, and social classes from being a part of the privileged society that can enjoy these rights. The word privilege refers to those who do not face discrimination in this country, in fact, many times they are the ones discriminating, and they are part of group that can prosper freely without any of the limitations that society establishes. However, it would a hasty generalization to infer that all those who are included in that privileged society discriminate against minorities in this country; yet, it is unlikely to encounter a white, middle class, straight man that lacks easy access to all the opportunities America has to offer. Women on the other hand, regardless of their color, race, or wealth, do continue to face discrimination in a relatively modern country. In a like manner, minorities such as Hispanics currently living in the United States also face endless and difficult obstacles to obtain the opportunities this country offers such as: rising from a social class, attending college, and working in a professional environment. A stronger example of inequality in America can be seen through the social classes. The New York Times published an article on January 6, 2016 outlining several of the most significant challenges Americans could expect in 2016. The inequality in social classes was a repetitive challenge that appeared

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