Americ The Land Of The Free

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They call America “The land of the Free,” yet its own people experience obstructions to their freedom. Politicians receive the people’s votes and the people’s money, and then they rob these people of their rights. This election is the American citizen’s opportunity to fight. It is his opportunity to fight for himself and his fellow citizens, to fight for justice, to fight for equality, to fight for deliverance from poverty. Now is the time for the American to demand protection from guns and to require that government support the family in poverty. The American politicians must learn to open their arms to those in need. Many politicians have joined the race for president, but they must have the qualifications and the creativity…show more content…
“(Sanders). He acknowledges the most pressing issues and recognizes that these issues are the ones that demand our attention now. Sanders is prepared to stand for and with us as we try to decrease the inequality gap and confront the issues of immigration, gun control, and health care. Nevertheless immigrants stands at thirteen percentage amongst the entire American population. This number is vast due to individuals that are forced to migrate, fleeing from conflict, government, religion and to seek better job opportunities. This is so controversial because many Americans blames immigrants on economic downfall and adds more stress and competition on Americans that are out of work. Thus making the American society hopeless while allowing so many immigrants American citizenship while the country is facing hard times. Therefore this simple means that many citizens feel that immigrants take away jobs and drain the U.S economy. However, Bush feels that all Immigrants should earn their legal status and not be sent back. Therefore he goes on to say “We need to be much more strategic on how we deal with border enforcement, border security. “ (Bush) because he believe the great majority of people migrating have no other option.
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