Americ The Land Of The Free

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America is often referred as the “the land of the free.” It’s a nation of diversity because of the open-door policy that has been implanted. The open-door policy accepts any foreigner that is pursuing the American Dream. Every year, thousands of immigrants, illegal and legal, come to the United States. Many immigrants have different reasons why they feel the need to leave their country behind and start a new life elsewhere. Those reasons may be: fleeing from a war, bettering their perspectives, living in a better environment, or simply deciding that you like the concept of the American Dream. For instance, in the 1990’s my father, grandfather and uncles decided enough was enough as thousands of other Shia’s did. Saddam Hussein started bombing Shia villages, particularly Najaf and Karbala. It was horrific. Men, women, children, and elderly people were killed. Not by the hundreds but by the thousands. My family decided to uprise with the other families against Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein didn’t not take kindly to the up rise. They had no other choice but to flee. But not everyone was as lucky as they were. Many people believe that America is the best place to start over because they are guaranteed more freedom, benefits, and protection, just as did my parents. What’s your opinion on immigration? Many people look down upon immigrates, it’s making the daily headlines due to the debates that politicians have argued. Some politicians believe that the immigrants will drive the

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