Americ The Rise Of Organized Crime

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Madison Isabel Martinek
Professor Wilson
Writing Composition 2
America: The Rise of Organized Crime
The United States of America is no stranger to corruption and extortion. Gang violence, the mafia, murder for pay and the marijuana industry in un-legalized states are a few examples of organized crime that happen in current day America. There are many different forms and types of organized crime today but where did they arise from? The rise and growth of organized crime in America can be attributed to government intervention in the social lives of the people, the Great Depression, and the jurisdictional limitations set on the authorities at local, state, and federal levels.
Government intervention into the social aspects of citizen’s lives ultimately set the stage for organized crime. Mandating certain activities and products as illegal may stop supply, but does not affect demand. As a result of this, many people realized they could take advantage of the situation by providing these services illegally for a price. The biggest example of this is referred to as the great social experiment of the 1920’s: Prohibition.
In January of 1920, the 18th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, stating the prohibition of alcohol, went into effect. The idea behind prohibition initially served to limit the consumption of alcohol and the activities associated with it. However, while making it illegal to produce, transport, or sell alcohol there was no law
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