America, An Ever Changing World Superpower

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America, an Ever-Changing World Superpower
America has been viewed in a wide variety of ways on the global stage. From the Progressive Era to containment, the view of the United States as a world power has changed dramatically. The country went through a large process of adopting an isolationist policy during the Progressive Era. This isolationist view was also present pre and post-World War I. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, America took a bold stance and using its industrial power pushed itself to the top of the world superpowers with its peak being the first country to develop a nuclear bomb. The United States went from being a country focused primarily on the home front to a country that would take the spotlight at the top of the world stage.
During the Progressive Era, American policy was primarily focused on the home front. While America did heavily engage in international trade, issues like women 's suffrage and prohibition had the country preoccupied and left little time for America to develop into a superpower on the world stage. During World War I America did its best to not become involved. America still traded with many of the allied powers and this caused trade ships to become targets for German U-Boats. The American government was still very hesitant to join the fight against the Central Powers. Many Americans feared that if the United States joined the fight it would become a target for German forces. It wasn 't until after the sinking of the Lusitania that…
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