America And Chinese Education System

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hujun Wu
English 102
Professor Rosenquist
6 July 2016
America and Chinese Education System The differences that exist between the Chinese and American education systems are great and obvious. However, some of these differences don’t play to the strengths of the representative country. American schools allow for greater freedom of movement and choice, while Chinese schools decide the “what”, “where”, and “how” of educational circumstance for the students (Bush, tony, and Qiang Haiyan). These differences in structure should lead to a greater educational standard being held by China, but that isn’t always the case. This paper will examine the differences in education system in the two countries and show that the Chinese system, while traditionally strong and grand, might not be the better of the two. In Chinese classrooms, student body size is the first noticeable difference. There are numerous cities in China where the population reaches into the hundred-million, and the classroom size reflects this boom. For instance, many classrooms feature a student population of 55 – 80 or even more. This leads to less of a one-on-one teaching environment and more of a “every man for himself” approach. Students are expected to have the self-discipline to learn with the teacher, not just from the teacher (Murphy, Rachel).The large student population means that a troubled student who would do well to receive an additional hour of tutoring might go unnoticed, and the same goes for students…
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