America And Chinese Education System

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hujun Wu
English 102
Professor Rosenquist
6 July 2016
America and Chinese Education System The differences that exist between the Chinese and American education systems are great and obvious. However, some of these differences don’t play to the strengths of the representative country. American schools allow for greater freedom of movement and choice, while Chinese schools decide the “what”, “where”, and “how” of educational circumstance for the students (Bush, tony, and Qiang Haiyan). These differences in structure should lead to a greater educational standard being held by China, but that isn’t always the case. This paper will examine the differences in education system in the two countries and show that the Chinese system, while
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While students in America who are suffering from emotional distress might be noticed and helped by a teacher, the large class size brings about a sense of anonymity in Chinese classrooms (Rong,xuelan, and Tianjian shi). In American schools, class size is generally limited to around 20 – 30 students, and can be as small as ten students per class. This reflects the lack of ultra-metropolis sized cities across America. Students in a class of this size generally cannot help but to be noticed for their actions, whether positive or negative. Students who are undergoing emotional difficulties might get the help they need before their grades suffer to the point of failing (Sautman, Barry).This difference in class size generally favors American schools. However, the Chinese school system is structured in a way that might prevent anonymity due to large population. There exists a “cohort” system in Chinese schools that places the students together in the same classroom for their entire school lives, from first through eighth grade, at least. This cohort system gives every student their own desk, where they place their items for the day, sometimes going as far as to decorate their desks with trinkets, family photos or good luck charms. Students sit at their desks and teachers circulate through the classrooms (Qiping Yin). This is entirely different from the American system of moving from one class to another, and especially since there is no difference
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