America And Free Speech Go Together Like Burger King

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Valentino G. 11/29/14 Mrs. Stacy Catanzarite 02.09 Writing Your Informative Explanatory Article Eng IV Americans and free speech go together like burger king. You can always have it your way, but at what cost? Free speech is something that has been around for a long time, but has involved & seen various dilemmas that make you want to question it & your own freedom. Although free speech was guaranteed in the first amendment there have been many situations that in a complex way make you think about your own rights & the whole purpose of being born in the United States with them. If I was to wake up one day & decide that I wanted to freely create a protest expressing that I support gay rights or the LGBT community then by all means I should be able to do that without any interference. Freedom of speech is the balance between personal liberty & government authority. Free speech started & began when the settlers came over to the United States from Europe & made the original British colonies (Freedom Of Speech, 2014). Because of this right being made, having the liberty of free speech means that an individual or the press have the absolute right to talk or express their opinions freely (Freedom Of Speech, 2014). In the same fashion the case that I 'm getting ready to bring up clearly represents the purpose of having the liberty of free speech & the cost of having that. In addition, the island school district case brought up many important questions that regard the liberty of

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