America And I Anzia Yezierska Summary

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A desired goal or purpose that you have wanted very much to do, to be, or to have for a long time defines the word dream. But what does the American Dream mean to you? Franklin D. Roosevelt, Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, and President Barack Obama are just a handful of people who have written pieces of literature of which either defend, challenge, or qualify the access of the American Dream given by the United States of America. Whether it is coming to this country for the first time, leaving your home in search of new opportunities, or coming together to pursue our greatest aspirations, for some people the American Dream is in far reach, but for others it is right in their grasp.

In “America and I”, the author Anzia Yezierska speaks to us about her arrival here in America along with her journey to find herself in what was to her, a foreign land. Referring to her home back in Russia, Anzia describes it as a prison yet America gave her endless hope in a better tomorrow. She came to America in wish to turn her life around, give life to things unliving, and accomplish what her elders could not. Her first job was as a servant in an Americanized family. Anzia’s one
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The evidence portrayed by the authors in this paper suggest that in some scenarios the American Dream is still after many years a reality, but in others it will always be just a dream. This is important because it reveals to us that in order for Americans to achieve the goal of equality, freedom, and genuine happiness we must come together to give each other endless support and guidance. Anzia Yezierska, Langston Hughes, and Barack Obama all share a key characteristic and that is hope. Through hardships, discrimination, and setbacks they all still held a great confidence that one day America would truly be a land of opportunity, the land of the free, and lastly a united nation for people today and the life of the world to

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