America And The Two World Wars

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Andrew Iarocci and Jeffrey A. Keshen, A Nation in Conflict: Canada and the Two World Wars (University of Toronto Press, 2015) Andrew Iarocci and Jeffrey A. Keshen’s A Nation in Conflict: Canada and the Two World Wars, gives us an overview of Canada’s contributions to the two World Wars and compares their work overseas militarily, and the political and societal changes on the home front. The following will summarize Iarocci and Keshen’s book, and will end with a discussion and reflection on its strengths and weaknesses. The first chapter, ‘Politics and Recruitment,’ outlines Canada’s involvement in the two World Wars and compares the different approaches to recruitment of Prime Minster Robert Laird Borden in the First World War and that of Prime Minster William Lyon Mackenzie King’s approach during the second. The First World War came as a surprise to many Canadians. Throughout English Canada, Canadians were enthusiastic for the fight and viewed the war as a way to preserve freedom from German militarism. The patriotic duty of soldiers would demonstrate loyalty to secure a strong voice for Canada in shaping imperial affairs. The Dominion of Canada entered the war with a small permanent military force of about 3,000 soldiers and the war had relatively little impact on the daily lives of Canadians. (7) By October 1914, the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) had 36,267 soldiers overseas – the largest military force ever to depart Canada. (10) With the war brought new legislation
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