America At The Foundation Was Formed On The Basis Of No Taxation Without Representation

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America at the foundation was formed on the basis of no taxation without representation. How then did we become a country so accepting of higher taxes and government reliance? Breaking it down to the simplest arguments there can be two main points, either taxes are beneficial or taxes are harmful. Taxes and high taxes especially in general are always going to be harmful. If the government is coming at the issue in a way that frames them as a form of caring they are lying. Let’s get one thing straight, the government does not love the citizens. The government does not care about daily wellbeing in any way shape or form. If the government did care at all, it would not be on an individual basis, it would be as ideology or as a talking point,…show more content…
Locally, I have personally known two people, one family, and one family in law, who collected the social security checks of four or more people monthly. Now to take that onto a broader scale 6.5 million people over the age of 112 are actively reaping their social security benefits despite having been dead for many years . They are dead but since this large and ineffective bureaucracy doesn’t have the death records on file the numbers are susceptible to fraud and not only susceptible but many are actively victims of it. Now getting a death certificate or proof of death really shouldn’t be that hard since all they have to do is “call up the bureaucracy next door,” but we forget the bureaucratic engine is large and ineffective for no other reason than it is. It huffs and puffs and goes nowhere and then demands more money out you to make it work better. Bureaucracies are designed to subordinate and confuse so that citizens are too busy running around trying to appease the bureaucracies to do anything about all of the corruption, corporatism, and inefficient, ineffective practices that occur in the government on the day to day. This is just one case of bureaucratic fraud, in one section of bureaucracy. The tax system, the IRS, and the federal spending are all symptoms of a huge fatal sickness that is government greed and the grab for power. This brings back the original idea of the government does

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