America Burning: Review Essay

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While all three of the documents listed numerous similarities between them, they also went into depth about some issues that the others did not. Among the similarities noted all three of the documents mentioned fire prevention & education, training, and being accountable. These documents listed the ways that we can educated the public, both young and old on how to prevent fires, in and around the home, school, and office. They stressed the need for fire drills, educational seminars, and site safety programs. At some point all of the documents addressed the need for sprinkles in buildings, both large and small, or wherever you will have a congregation of people. Since these documents have been made public, many communities across the…show more content…
Agreed that you can make data say anything that you want, but if your not preventing fires, if you not training, if you don’t have enough staffing and if your not getting the latest and greatest fire equipment you know it! These things need to be pushed from the fire chief, city or town mayor, county Board of Supervisors, or whom ever is in charge. Be proactive instead of reactive with all of the knee jerk reactions. All three of these reports listed a number figure that fires took away from us, all three listed ways to keep it from happening again, but yet the same fires are burning, the same outdated fire trucks are going out the door with one or two people on them. Its time to do something with the statistics that we have for 50 years or more. As far as the individual priorities for these three documents, the American Burning went in depth on the design and types of material that are burning. Things like plastics, synthetics, and fabrics all give off toxic gasses. Most of the materials that are in our home, and according to the American Burning document 7 out of 10 fires occurred in a residence in 1971, are made up of these materials. When these materials burn they give off toxic gasses, deplete the oxygen
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