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Claude Mckay, a international poet during the Harlem Renaissance writes poetry describing the African American experience beyond the boards of the United States. Though born and raised in Jamaica, Mckay eventually immigrated to the United States.While many of the poets were born and raised in America Mckay had a different perspective because he chose America as his own. He was able to see America for all the qualities she, offered because he was gifted with second sight.W.E.B Dubois wrote about twoness of African Americans how they are caught between being Black and a American. This is a central issues for Black Men how to reconcile being part of a country of freedom, but being constrained by society’s and Jim Crow laws that took…show more content…
This show his divide of love and hate for America.This displays double consciousness because the strength he holds to want to be apart of America is exactly what’s bringing him down. The country gives him strength while also rebelling against him telling him he isn't good enough. He somehow feel alone but yet America still gives him hope.But he doesn’t shy away from acknowledging America as an enemy as well. This poem is a love sonnet which causes irony. It discusses the hate he has for America.“Her vigor flows like tides into my blood.”, “Giving me strength erect against her hate.”These lines indicate that McKay is driven by the strength that the provider (America) gives to him to stand up against unfair treatment. Although he stands up against the injustice within America, his personal stand might not be able to win the fight against America. “Her bigness sweeps my being like a flood”. Mckay alone cannot over power America but it does not stop him from standing up for what he believes in. “Yet as a rebel fronts a king of state, I stand with her walls with not a shred, of terror, malice, not a word of jeer”. He holds a

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