America Doesn't Need Gun Control at Gun Shows Essay

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America Doesn't Need Gun Control at Gun Shows

Gun control has been a highly debated issue for several years. In the past this debate has led to the passage of gun control legislation, the most prominent bill being the Brady Bill. However, the national legislation concerning gun control only applies to licensed gun dealers. This has left a huge gun control loophole at the national level, because unlicensed dealers and private collectors are not required to conduct background checks on potential customers before selling them a weapon. Recently, this loophole has become the center of the gun control debate. Those who support gun control at gun shows (generally liberals) are saying that it is necessary to restrict the sale of
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Pate integrates this logos, ethos, and pathos into the body of his article which moves from criticism of his opponents, to the denial of the existence of any problem, and finally to the accusation that his opponents have misinterpreted the facts.

This article begins with pathos in the form of argument by humor in which Pate sarcastically summarizes the argument of those who advocate gun control at gun shows saying gun shows “have suddenly become an irresistible magnet for foreign terrorists” (par. 1). He also incorporates a large amount of pathos through his word choice for the beginning paragraphs of the article. Pate refers to the argument being made by gun control advocates as “hogwash being sold to the American people in a slick ad campaign” (par. 2). By using the words “hogwash” and “slick ad campaign”, Pate is able to turn the reader against gun control advocacy because he makes it seem as if gun control advocates are trying to sell the American public on an idea that is worthless. Pate also personally attacks Andrew McKelvey who is funding this ad campaign by saying McKelvey is “in a personal crusade to restrict Second Amendment rights” (par. 3). Despite the fact that this is an ad hominem fallacy, this attack instantly turns Pate’s audience against Andrew McKelvey and any issue that he may support because Americans
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