America Faces A Wealth Gap

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Veronica Gonzalez James Okrasinski English 1102 3 March 2015 America faces a wealth gap. Those born in the lower class struggle moving up. Although the United States has long thought of itself as a nation where anyone who gets schooling and works hard can move ahead on the basis of their achievement, the facts tell otherwise. Children born into high-income families have about twice as much chance of becoming middle class or better in their adult years as those born into the lower classes. A way in which the lower-income kids can beat the chances is by getting a college degree. Those who earn a degree have a better chance of becoming middle class or better than those who don’t, although still not as good of a chance as the…show more content…
In addition, experts on the field argue that the effects of college “are powerful enough to boost the income of adult children from relatively poor families not only well past the income achieved by their parents but also past the income achieved by many of their peers with more advantaged family backgrounds who did not obtain equivalent education” (Isaacs, Sawhill, & Haskins 34). To put it in another way, obtaining a degree is the best way, perhaps the only way, to possess economic stability. Now, if we look at it from the country’s perspective, education can be part of the solution to the wealth gap, because the occurrence of poverty in the United States is directly related to educational level. A college degree is the ticket to the middle class and beyond. Today, obviously, the idea that everyone should attend to college is indisputable. But there is definitely nothing magical about its price. As higher education institutions keep on rising its tuitions and fees. The overwhelming cost for higher educational institutions is causing a huge concern over whether higher education will be an attainable financial concept to the ordinary student in the upcoming years. Many Americans now tend to believe that the path to obtaining a degree has turned into distraught with financial traps. Recent studies done by the U.S. Department of Education show that “college tuition and fees have ballooned 1,120% since 1978. A year of college tuition for
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