America: For the New Kid on the Block

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Have you ever stopped to think about how truly terrifying it would be to live somewhere that was completely different from what you have been accustomed to all your life? For some this task can and would be an exciting challenge to partake while for others, the thought of learning the different customs and languages of a different country could be very intimidating. This is especially true if you’re a newcomer to the United States of America, where there are a multitude of people with different background, beliefs and cultures. It is a fact that the United States is not the largest or even the richest countries on the planet; however, many American will argue with this simply because they believe America is the “bee’s knees”. Bee’s knees?…show more content…
This does not mean that everyone is a football fan but rather that the game alone is patriotic to watch and experience because it represents fair competition. The beliefs mentioned are a small example of what Americans value. These attitudes have been learned and adjusted amongst the many co-cultures with this county.
Norms and Customs When Gabriel Cianci, Director of Service Operation at Farmers Insurance, first came to this country from Italy in the id 1970’s, he said the first thing he noticed was the diversity of his new neighborhood. He states that, “I didn’t grow up around many African-Americans or Asian-Americans; so when we moved to Cuyahoga Falls, it was a definite culture shock. I learned how to really speak, dress and act “American” from the teens in my neighborhood.” When asked what he meant by “act American”, he stated, “ My parents are from the old country, very Italian. Meaning they were often very loud speaking and always had family and friends over for huge dinners. When I would visit my “American” friend’s home it was much more relaxing and casual. The teens spoke when they were spoken to and everyone seemed to want to do their own thing.” Gabriel brings up some very valid points about the different norms and customs within an American society. From an outside perspective, Americans tend to be on the casual side. When it comes

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