America Has A Great Deal Of Issues With Racism

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America has had a great deal of issues with racism since its beginning as a country. The

history of America is plagued with racism Towards the Irish, the Chinese, and sadly many

others. However, the most notable of all these acts of hatred has to be the terrible mistreatment

which black people have had to endure in this country. Since the early years of the country,

blacks have been treated horribly. Slaves to white American citizens for many years, they were

eventually granted their freedom, only to be met with heavy discrimination for many more years.

The African men, women, and children brought to America were not treated as normal

people. White people were afraid of them because of how different they looked, thus they treated

them as animals, for lack of knowledge. They were also considered ugly for the time “The

Accepted English Standard of Ideal beauty was a fair complexion of rose and white. Negroes

seemed the very picture of perverse negation.”( Jordan, 7).

After the United States had won the revolutionary war and become an independent country,

there was much work to be done. We had hardly any sort of government, and there was a lot of

damage done during the revolution, leaving many American buildings in ruin. The country was

also short on workers. However there was an easy and cheap alternative to workers, slaves.

Being stolen from Africa and sold for cheap, they could be bought by the dozens and put to work


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