America Has Always Been Labelled As A Melting Pot Due To

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America has always been labelled as a melting pot due to the diversity in our population. People from all over the world have traveled here to have a chance at the “American Dream”. Many people have varied reasons for coming to our country but some must leave their home country to find work, or because they have such awful living conditions. In recent years, it has become an impossible feat to obtain full citizenship in our nation, which can be good and very discouraging to immigrants trying to better their lives. There are roughly forty-three million immigrants, legal or illegal, in our nation and that makes up almost 13.5% of our total population. About eleven million of those immigrants are undocumented. Citizens of this country have…show more content…
Some of the common responses are related to money, job security and the word amnesty. Job security is a big part of this topic because some of the American working class thinks that there will eventually be no jobs left for Americans. “To give amnesty to 12 million or more illegal means letting a huge number of them keep the jobs they have stolen from American workers” (“Mass Legalization” 3). Money being wasted is a debate that they are fighting for right now because our country is spending at least thirteen billion dollars annually to educate illegal aliens. While others have more extreme opinions in terms of punishments. “When they settled here illegally, and subsequently broke a whole series of other laws - tax fraud, identity left, etc.” (Krikorian 2). Lastly an argument you would not expect in an immigration reform case is about environmental degradation. If we give these immigrant amnesty, then an estimated twelve million will bring their families into our country. This will ultimately cause fueling overcrowding and will become a safety hazard to our environment in the United States. Overall, some Americans want aliens out because they are scared that they will take over the society we live in. Over the years’ illegal aliens have gotten a reputation for themselves from the fact that they are undocumented citizens living in the United States. “Mainstream economists have thoroughly debunked this general stereotype of immigrants as takers,
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