America Has Made Mistakes Before

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America has made mistakes before, now the country plans out their economy’s future a little more. One of the top five largest economies in the world, the United States, promises for new laws regulating and decreasing in tax burdens in United States’ markets. Americans can expect to see a faster growth than previous years, and according to Forbes article The U.S. Economy In 2017: Welcome Higher Growth, “the U.S. economy will be a key driving force of other Western economies” (Chafuen 1). Especially now with the new president, Trump, he has already made the US more appealing and put a rise in stocks by electing certain cabinet members. This shows the world taking Trump 's approach seriously. The unemployment rate influences the economy. At…show more content…
The stock market heavily influences the strength of an economy. The new president’s plans for the American economy have prompted investors to start buying and investing again. According to USA Today, the “Trump Rally” was what put the Dow Jones average back on track. One could argue the American unemployment has taken a negative turn. The ideal unemployment rate is 3-4 percent, according to Bloomberg article, Why Not Target a 3% Unemployment Rate and the United States’ current unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is at 4.5 percent. However, this is a big drop in unemployment from the past few years and a .4 percent drop just since February. Though the unemployment rate is not perfect, it does seem to be improving. The wage growth/personal income not increasing may be a serious problem. However, according to Kevin Hassett, Trump’s nomination for Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, a rise in the minimum wage could harm the economy, as stated by Bloomberg article, Trump Names Hassett to Head Council of Economic Advisors. Investors have been prompted to begin buying and investing in the market. However, according to USA Today article, Stocks shake off U.S. strike on Syria, jobs miss to end turbulent week a tad lower, as well as Bloomberg article, Dollar Rises, Treasuries Retreat as Stocks Slip: Markets Wrap, America’s stocks had some losses after the
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